In order to provide the necessary backup Service to our customers the following is the company policy:

Technical Personnel
Corrington Business Systems PABX division has 3 graduate Engineers along with 7 Diploma technicians with vast experience ranging to 10-14 years field experience in Installation & maintenance of Panasonic PBX’s. CBS has two Engineers Licensed by CAK (Communications Authorithy of Kenya) for Installation & maintenance of PABXs.

Factory Training
Upon launch of the new NS/NSX PABX Product by M/s Panasonic Communications Company Ltd, Our technicians have attended 3 trainings in Dubai the regional head office for Middle East & Africa region. Attached with certificates for your confirmation.

Online Technical support
For all Panasonic products there are dedicated Overseas Customer Support Engineers based in Japan who guide & direct our field Technicians on any technical problems encountered on daily basis.

Spares Availability
Corrington Business Systems carries original spares inventory for panasonic products. Each & every component used to make a PABX functional is available as a spare from the factory.

Service Manuals & Parts Manual
All products marketed by CBS have the necessary Service manuals & parts manual available both in Soft & hard Copy. These help the repair technicians to locate & repair any faulty equipment.

Workshop Facility
CBS technicians are able to carry out component level repairs on each PCB. All types of Semiconductor devices ranging from a Diode to VLSI chips can be changed on the card. Swap card decision is only taken if repairing the card is uneconomical.

Product Upgrades
The KX-NS 500/1000 PABX product has evolved from version 1.0, to version 7.0 by NOV 2018.We will upgrade your MPR Pbx Software at a charge for a variety of added features. The Factory continually informs our technical division of these changes.

Service Contracts
We offer AMC's and Spot Repairs on products sold by us as well as procurred from other suppliers.

Service Email
To enlist any of our services, write to us on Our customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.