Video Intercoms: LARGE APARTMENT (IP VIDEO-2000)

VL-VN1900 is an IP Video Intercom System for Apartment complexes. The IP-based multi-door Video Intercom model works with a wide range of devices, including our lineup of CCTV IP cameras and SIP phones.

Using Power over Ethernet, the system can be connected using a single cable, reducing installation complexity and cost. The system supports up to 2,000 SIP devices using standard PoE, with the addition of a control box.

The IP-based system meets the demands of a large busy apartment building, as the system can support multiple sessions at once, unlike incumbent analogue intercom systems. The system is very straightforward to install and can easily be implemented with IP-based cabling installed as trunk lines in many new developments.

Part of the system is the room monitor: The VL-MN1000 is a 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen which connects to a Panasonic IP camera, as well as integrating with electronic locks enabling access control straight from the monitor.

The IP video intercom system also includes door and lobby stations, with a wide angle camera and RFID reader for entry cards, supporting for up to five cards per resident. Reception mode also gives the option for incoming calls to go to reception rather than to individual residences, giving peace of mind to residents - particularly overnight.

Commercially available push buttons and sensors can be connected to the room monitor, such as a doorbell, emergency button, gas leak sensor, a water leak sensor, etc. When one of these devices is triggered, the room monitor responds accordingly. For example, if a doorbell is pressed, the room monitor sound a chime and displays a notification; if a gas leak sensor is triggered, the room monitor sound an alarm displays a notification and also notifies facility staff.

Pure IP door station with a wide-angle camera and RFID reader. Simple and sleek design.

Full IP system

  • A pure IP system
  • The Door Station and Room Monitor support PoE (IEEE 802.3af compliant)

Supports large apartment systems

  • Up to 2,000 SIP devices on a system with a Control Box
  • p to 200 SIP devices on a system without a Control Box

Easy installation, convenient maintenance

  • Easy Setup (Includes setup tool for mass configuration of 2000 devices)


  • E-mail Notification (Control Box required)
  • Voice Mail (Control Box required)
  • Visitor recording
  • 7-inch LCD with capacitive touchscreen
  • IP monitor
  • Standard PoE is supported
  • Video messages from the Lobby Station: up to the most recent 50
  • Manual recording (video): up to most recent 50
  • Auto/manual recording (still images) : up to most recent 100
  • E-lock unlocking (both individual and public doors)
  • 5 sensor inputs (emergency/urgency button and other sensors) and 1 doorbell input
  • Wide-angle camera
  • E-lock unlocking function
  • Standard PoE is supported
  • Night vision with white colored LED Light
  • Theft detection buzzer

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