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  CBS offers a variety of other range of products and services which include the following:

  1. Judas Software(Calling Billing Software)
  2. GSM Routers
  3. CDMA wireless units
  4. Oneac Lightning protector


Judas Software (Calling Billing Software)

Budget Enabled Telephone Management System

With JudasTOTAL telephone management software, not only are you in a position to put a ceiling to your telephone bill but also lower the overall cost of managing the telephone resource. Monthly telephone bills should be predictable.Telephone calls costs money to an organisation the use of telephone should be in line with the organisations' business and accounting rules. Authority to incur telephone expenditure should be in the same lines as petty cash.Managers should be in the picture of how telephone is being used but that should not transform their roles to telephone guards. That thankless but necessary job should be carried out by somebody else - JudasTOTAL

Feedback is the most effective tool that an organisation can equip its staff if it wants them to self supervise their telephone usage.


How it works

The organisation fixes the upper ceiling for the monthly telephone expenditure. This is allocated to the various departments within the organisation. The department uses its allocation to allocate a monthly budget for the extensions or account codes that falls in it. Upon exceeding the budget, JudasTOTAL will...

  • Bar the extension or account code from originating outgoing calls. The user will be required to seek managers' intervention for additional telephone usage
  • Send an automatic email or windows pop up message to the user and/or supervisor notifying that the budget has been exceeded. The supervisor will then take the appropriate steps to control telephone cost escalation
  • At the start of a fresh month the system will automatically unbar all extensions (or account codes) that had been barred due to budget overshoot
  • JudasTOTAL is equipped with a comprehensive suite of management reports to give a clear picture on the usage of telephone within the organisation including a comparison of actual usage against budgeted ammounts

    JudasTOTAL will alert the supervisor and user should it detect calling habits that will exhaust the allocated budget before the end of the month by:

  • Raising email alerts immediately an unusually long or expensive call is made.
  • Alerting the supervisor when the weekly expenditure for an account exceeds a quarter of the monthly budget .
  • Alert the supervisor should the budget be completely exhausted




  • Most Expensive Calls
  • Account Code
  • Most Frequently Dialled Numbers
  • Most Expensive Locations
  • Calls to Specifc Locations
  • Incoming Calls

  • Extension Summary
  • Most Expensive Extensions
  • Most Expensive Account Codes
  • Departmental Summary
  • Account Code Summary
  • Time of Day Analysis report
  • Date Summary

  • Trunk Group Analysis Report
  • Extension Budget Analysis
  • Account Code Budget Analysis
  • Account Code Monthly

  • Email / Web reporting
  • Network access
  • Budget allocation
  • Windows or web based interface
  • Official Tel. Numbers Entry
  • File export facilities

  • Periodic tariff update service
  • Telephone hotline support
  • Annual maintenance agreement
  • On-site or phone based support

    For more information please contact us.
  GSM Routers
  CDMA wireless units
  Oneac Lightning protector
  Please contact CBS for more information about the above products.

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