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Corrington Business Systems has been appointed as the only official distributor in Kenya of the latest Panasonic Telecommunication and Office Automation range of products by the Manufacturer, Panasonic Corporation-Japan.  

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Conference Extentions

1) What is the maximum number of Outgoing conference calls a Analogue phone(SLT) handle when connected to Panasonic Pbx?
o 2 other Parties( Internal /External) & itself.

2) What is the maximum number of Outgoing Conference calls a DPT /PS can handle when connected to Panasonic PBX?
7 Other parties ( external / Internal) & the Originator.
DPT KX-T76xx Models of Phones.
PS- Dect KX-TCA155,256.

Note: For More than 6 parties we need to add Echo Cancellation card in Pbx.

If it is more than 3 party conference, then unattended conference timer

will apply.In this case if the originator doesn't get back into conference

within that time all participants will be disconnected.

Note: Maximum time for Unattended conference call -64 Minutes.

Unattended Conference call set up by DPT/PS only.

4) Can a SLT(analog Extn) handle below number of incoming conference calls?

o 2 incoming calls & itself No

o 1 incoming call, 1outgoing & itself Yes.

5) Can a DPT( Digital Panasonic Telephone) handle more than one incoming call conference call ?

o Yes Provided Multiple PDN keys are set & procedure for adding a

incoming call 6 steps followed.

Version 1.03- 20/03/2009- Prepared by Hamid Chaudhry.

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